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    Default Re: The PressF1 forums are saved!

    Quote Originally Posted by plod View Post
    geez, you and chill must be happy to have all that power back, hope you might take a more relaxed approach to your reinstated but temporary roll...
    Remember what Kissinger said......Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.
    "The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living." Cicero

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    Default Re: The PressF1 forums are saved!

    Quote Originally Posted by 1101 View Post

    The more infrequent PF1ers probably wont bother moving forums.
    PF1 also will allways seem to be more legitimate , being connected to the mag . Its the infrequent users that will make up the numbers, not the daily usual's we all know & love.

    As one of the above I agree, I gave up on the Mag after many years of subscription because it became far to complicated and technical for my comprehension (a 75 YO grey-haired old fart). But when I get stuck with a problem that either I or my two in house tech guys can't solve I come here. I only found out from the Herald bus. news section this morning!


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    Default Re: The PressF1 forums are saved!

    Quote Originally Posted by Chilling_Silence View Post
    I tried my hand there a while back, can't say Mauricio and I ever saw eye-to-eye. Not a fan of him in the slightest to be frank, I find him incredibly infuriating, wishy washy, and arrogant. If you thought the "moderation" here was nasty, you'll have one hell of a time over there
    I agree he can be a bit challenging, but the community as a whole is second to none in NZ. So much collective knowledge, quite a bit of information and help direct from suppliers.

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    Default Re: The PressF1 forums are saved!

    I value my subs to both Pf1 and Geekzone. GZ can't be beat for info on comms, ISP's etc. Best place to get ISP problems sorted.

    Interesting times!

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    Default Re: The PressF1 forums are saved!

    Well that's a bit naff. Why are they closing down? Not making enough money? Or losing it?

    Hopefully if nothing else they could stick up a link directing users to another site with similar content but not being tied to a publication.
    Maybe even supporting that site with a bit of startup cash?
    That'd be cool.
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    Default Re: The PressF1 forums are saved!

    Dreamer, or pigs well fly.
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