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    Default Re: A pointless thread about nothing

    Quote Originally Posted by Bozo View Post
    Mature as always
    "He who resorts to personal insults hath lost the argument."


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    Default Re: A pointless thread about nothing

    Hmm... all the spammers on Netlog seem to have @yahoo addresses!

    Hello Dear,,

    Sorry for intruding into your mail box.

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    ever we started making use of the medicinal supplement. And i only have the contact address of this

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    Therefore i will give you the contact of the local dealer in your country So that you can negotiate

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    And me and you will share our profit which we will make from my company in 50/50 ratio. So If

    you are interested and honest to me indicate by providing me with your information
    and I will forward the full specification of the medicinal supplement to you and the contact of my

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    Already my company have sent a publication notice to the Ghana chambers of commerce in-case

    someone else has the medicinal supplement in stock for sales.

    Should it be that you are not interested in this, please just disregard my email and never let anyone

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    Ooops! Did I accidentally let someone know about this deal? My bad.
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