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    Default Logitech G500 vs G500S

    Hi all,

    My G500 is starting to get a little long in the tooth now, but I've not really wanted to replace it wiht a G700 like I use on my laptop. I have a G500 on my Spare PC I've been thinking I could use when mine dies, but I've just seen the review for the G500S in the latest PCW and thought it looked cool.

    Has anybody had / used both, to compare one to the other?

    Just curious, really, that's all


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    Default Re: Logitech G500 vs G500S

    The main difference is in the sensor, it supports higher DPI, and seems to be slightly more accurate. I have a G500, G500S, G700 and G700s. The s-series have no new features, no more buttons etc, it's just better tracking. Well, it actually feels like it might be a bit more durable, in terms of button lifetime etc, but it may just be that the s are new and don't feel as 'used' as my originals. All in all, I can't say there's a massive difference. If you liked the G500 and are after a new mouse, by all means, the G500s is good - it's all the same plus higher resolution and some white lines painted on the top for visual impression. Oh, and I think the 700s is getting better battery life than my 700, but I haven't done any specific testing, that's just a gut feel on how often they're getting charged.
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    Default Re: Logitech G500 vs G500S

    I've not tried those, I have a G5 that's had a hammering and showing signs of wear - front slip pad thing gone and cable fraying - still works very well. same basic shape as the G500 I think but with fewer buttons? I wanted as close a replacement as possible so I got a G400S from PBtech on special, really quite happy with it and feels almost identical. Preset sensitivity levels change a bit much between the last 2 steps for my liking but that's adjustable. Doesn't have the weights but mine are still in the tin on a shelf somehwere, never used them.
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