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Thread: System hangs

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    Default System hangs

    Hey all, just wondering if you guys had any ideas for what might be causing my system to hang.
    Happened twice in the past hour, first time I just turned it off, second time I waited for it. First time I had just closed firefox, second time was just browsing.
    Event viewer has this
    A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the Windows Error Reporting Service service to connect.

    No other errors that I can see.

    Not sure if it's related but I sometimes get hangs while watching YT videos with garbled audio coming out for a couple minutes till it gets its act back together.

    Any ideas? I was just blaming flash but this is the first time it's hung without any (as far as I saw) flash content playing.
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    Default Re: System hangs

    From the armchair, id say memory or hard drive....
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    Default Re: System hangs

    +1 (different armchair!).

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    Default Re: System hangs

    Disable the "Windows reporting service"

    1) Open up the start menu and type in "problem report" into the search box

    2) Open "Choose how to report problems" / "Problem reporting settings"

    3) Choose "never check for solutions"

    Now you can use your event viewer to see the problem.

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    Default Re: System hangs

    I had pretty bad freezing yesterday where I had to turn comp off at the wall every time.Done virus scans and hard drive checks,all come up clean.
    I then checked my last install which was the new Geforce 320.18 driver.
    I've gone back to the previous driver and have had no issues so far.

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    Default Re: System hangs

    I think I am seeing some freezing and slowness as well, may be Firefox 21.
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    Default Re: System hangs

    Yeah I just turfed out the 320.18 driver too.
    Had several similar issues since it was installed, that weren't there before.
    Don't know if it's the driver or the bloatware that comes with it.
    Getting more difficult to install just the driver these days.
    Even with a custom install the other stuff still seems to find it's way in.

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