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    Default Fax to cell phone

    A friend of mine uses WinFax Pro to notify him when he as recieved a fax, and he is away from his fax. It calls his cell phone and sends a continuous beep. He can then go back to his computer and retrive the fax.

    He has now heard of the new cell phones that can recieve email, and wants to know if Win Fax Pro, can send the fax to his cell phone.

    Apparently there is a cell phone that can recieve faxes, but it is bulky.

    The new phones are nice and small.

    Does anyone know how he can recieve his faxes on one of the small new phones.

    Thanks K.O.

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    Default Re: Fax to cell phone

    Forget it, It's still a couple of months away.


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    Default Re: Fax to cell phone

    Just get winfax to email the fax to his phone as long as he is using a wap phone there should not be a problem.


    Ro Ger

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    Default Re: Fax to cell phone

    Yea. Set up an email account at, then set it to 'notify via SMS'.

    Then, get your fax software to email your faxes to ''. Then, you will receive a notification as soon as you receive a fax, and you will be able to read the fax in full via Vodafone's WAP interface.

    The only thing I don't get is this: how does your software convert your faxes into plain text? Does it use OCR?

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