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    Default Reality check on RAM prices

    This one's for you Robo

    Checked my December 1995 price lists (LCS) and 128MB RAM (2 64MB SIMMS) was $9200 (excl GST) That makes 512MB $36800 or $41400 inclusive of GST. Even 8MB SIMMS were $500 and if you wanted EDO it was an extra $50. Makes your eyes water doesn't it. Those are just about house prices in 1995 dollars.

    By May 1998 you could have 128MB SDRAM for a measly $740 ex GST and 512MB was a mere $3330 (incl)

    And people say those were the days?

    Billy 8-{)

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    Default Re: Reality check on RAM prices

    First extra RAM I bought was when 386's were BIG news. Cost me $100 for 1Mb.

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    Default Re: Reality check on RAM prices

    It's all relative thou. Back then that would have made a big difference, where as now you spend around the same amount to get a decent increase in speed.


    PS. ian did you mean a megabyte(MB) or a megabit(Mb)

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    Default Re: Reality check on RAM prices

    Hey Billy, are you sure your fingers haven't slipped on the keys there? Thirty six THOUSAND, eight hundred dollars for 512mb ram?!! Who the hell could afford that?!

    I got my first PC back in '94 with a whopping 8mb ram - the usual was 4mb then. The system was $2999 + GST just like they are now! She still works though - just. I reformatted it a year ago and stuffed it up a bit, now the kids won't use it. Or maybe that's because it's too slow... haha!


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    Default Re: Reality check on RAM prices

    Sorry Susan

    My fingers didn't slip, it was $4600 excl gst for a 64MB simm. Don't forget, these were the days when 16MB was unusual and people drooled at the idea of 32MB.

    I have a friend who was doing desktop publishing with a 486DX50 at that time and I recall that he spent many thousands to upgrade to 64MB.

    I doubt that anything but a high-end server could have accommodated 512MB of RAM back then so the question is academic. I just posted the prices to help keep our collective feet on the ground.

    One day when 1GB sticks are $5 we'll look back and wonder why we paid $100 for 256MB. (Now I really am dreaming!!)

    Here's some more: Plextor 6x scsi CD $1100, Intel P133 cpu $1000, 1.2GB IDE $750, 4.2GB scsi $2390. Internal 28.8 modem $495.


    Billy 8-{)

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    Default Re: Reality check on RAM prices

    let's get nostalgic!! i have in front of me a copy of the Ch-Ch Press circa 22 Nov '92. PC General (remember them) have a top of the line 486dx2-66 with a 14' SVGA monitor, 42MB HD, 1MB RAM. Upgrades available to 16MB RAM for only $949.00, to 210MB HD only $550.00.
    Windows 3.1 plus a mouse was a bargain though at only $149.00, a far cry from XP prices.

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    Default Re: Reality check on RAM prices

    And my 4kx8 s100 memory board cost me about $300. Tha was a kit, so I had to solder the sockets, regulators, and passive components to the board. They were 1kx1 chips, so there were a lot of sockets.

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    Default Re: Reality check on RAM prices

    Oh, stop it, you're making me feel old!

    But hey, I've always said buy a cheap low-end computer and be prepared to replace it often. Was I right or was I right?

    And I remember when RAM prices got DOWN to $100 per megabyte.

    Sigh. It must just about be time to take the long walk out of the igloo.


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