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    Talking Happy 40th birthday cell phone

    Martin Cooper changed the world when he made the first cell phone call 40 years ago.

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    Default Re: Happy 40th birthday cell phone

    Yeah i saw that on sky a few months ago and he rang the competition from the street. Was a good watch

    He worked for motorola didnt he and rang the boss from intel iirc
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    Default Re: Happy 40th birthday cell phone

    Technology has come a long way and really led to some really awesome innovations.

    From cell technology we have opened up different lines of thought that have augmented the development of similar technology such as wireless data transmission, the ideas behind LTE and 802.11 are fundamentally the same (Wireless digital data transmission) but due to the different implementation differences and target systems they have evolved separately.

    This first text message, that opened the doorway to free money for telecoms
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