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    Default Running games at higher resolution?

    I've bought a new Samsung monitor for my laptop which I run as my main monitor at 1920x1080. I've just started playing bioshock infinite and it set the resolution by default to 1920x1080. Am I better off running it at a lower resolution such as 1366x768 and turning the graphics up? I've played around, and I can get pretty flawless play at the lower resolution with graphics on high, compared to 1920x1080. Or would I be better to run at the higher resolution with lower graphics settings?


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    Default Re: Running games at higher resolution?

    It depends, it's all a bit of trial and error tbh. Of course, at a higher resolution you won't have to anti alias as much, in face you'll probably even be able to turn it off entirely , so that will free up a lot of GPU resources.

    Usually for me I try and get the *best* graphic experience possible, so max resolution (or maybe a little less than max), try and get the best combo of AA/Bloom/shadows etc etc. For some people I know, esp with multiplayer games, they try and get the best FPS and response from their machine as possible. Max resolution + anti aliasing so that they can see the details but they'll turn off the distracting bloom and smoke effects as much as they can.

    I remember back in the day playing a custom COD 4 map which was a HUGE sniping one, I turned my settings right down so what would normally be a little spec moving behind a tree turned into an obvious muddy lump.

    Since it's single player, you'll probably want to maximise the "beauty" more than the raw performance. I'd pop the reso up to the max, drop any AA filters, and try playing around with different settings for the antrioscopic filtering/bloom/draw distance and texture details.

    It's all trial and error, Usually I start at the lowest settings and max out all the "major" visual changers then add in some of the smaller ones.
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    Default Re: Running games at higher resolution?

    LCDs don't scale well and therefore tend to look fuzzy at anything other than native resolution. I'd stick with 1920 x 1080 as much as possible and play with other settings to make it run smooth like what the Error Guy mentions.
    However if the graphics card in your laptop can't deliver smooth/playable frame rates at 1920 for any particular game then your only option is to run that game at a lower resolution, it'll come down to a decision for each game as you set it up.
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