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    Default Re: Why am I loosing free disk space on my SSD?

    In part I am doing this just to see how all this works, a sort of computer program doodling that appeals to my inner nerd. It is like taking books that you may not need in and out of a limited book shelf. At least I know what to clear out and what to leave in should the need arise.

    Hibersys seems quite optional. Pagefiles are probably best left on the shelf, but perhaps could be moved to another book case (hard drive). If I have created large pagefiles on the other drives, can I safely delete them on the SSD?

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    Default Re: Why am I loosing free disk space on my SSD?

    Moving your page file does not adversely effect performance and it frees up space and reduces wear on the SSD so there's no reason not to do it. I've seen the argument to keep it on the SSD for performance reasons but I consider that ridiculous, for a start with more than 4Gb of RAM the page file doesn't get much use and with 8Gb or more you can turn it off without too much drama. I leave mine on purely because some programs expect it to be there and complain if it isn't, I had it set to a 5400 RPM green drive and recently moved it to a 7200 RPM drive, noticeable performance change = 0. There was an article on Toms hardware where some guy did extensive testing and concluded there was no performance difference to having the swap file on or off providing you had enough RAM.

    Right Click My Computer, chose properties - Advanced system settings - under advanced tab choose the performance settings button advanced tab again - virtual memory, click change. Unselect Automatically manage paging file for all drives, choose the C: drive and chose no paging file, click set, pick another drive and choose system managed size, click set, click ok a few times, reboot the computer, C: drive should now have more space and you will not notice any difference otherwise. I'd disable the hibernation file again also, whens the last time you hibernated your PC ? Shutdown or standby is good enough.

    No need to manually delete the page file, if you set it off for the drive in question windows will delete it for you on reboot.
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    Default Re: Why am I loosing free disk space on my SSD?

    Thank you for your input here. So with the latest changes, I have deleted the hibersys file. I have 16 GB of RAM anyway, and less need of a virtual memory (probably no need at all). I cut down the default allotted 22 GB page file to 4 GB (and really that could be halved again or dropped altogether). So the current state of affairs on my SDD drive is 31.2 GB free of 55.4 GB. That is a lot of spare room now for any Windows 8 apps, and other installed programs go on the mechanical drives (basically empty warehouses in size). I seem to have some found a more rational allocation of space for the SDD than the default Windows 8 settings.

    Thanks again for all those who have contributed to this post. It is an example lf how forums can teach you things that you were not aware you needed to know.

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