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    Exclamation Windows 7 Power Option Issues -Hardware or OS?

    I have upgraded my HTPC for 3D BD playback, to W7 from XPSP3.

    The issue I have is when I put the box to sleep (or any other form of powerdown, except full shutdown or reboot) it will power up fully & correctly. but if I then re-powerdown without a full reboot, the box will powerup, but the power LED will not light up, & am unable to access the PC, & am forced to do a hard rebboot: even the reset button is ineffectual.

    I first noticed this issue after installing Mediaportal & setting up its Powerscheduler plugin. I then discovered the issue to be present in all forms of W7 power options. I took the box back to my first backup: just after initial install, with some minor OS adjustments. Same issue is present.

    I am not able to do full reinstall at moment, as I have significant sized partition on 2nd part of HDD which I don't want to have to do manual back upon again.

    After significant researching (including checking all relevant W7 threads here), I am still at a loss to explain, as I've not come across similar problem elsewhere, which may indicate hardware compatiblity issues.

    CPU: Intel C2D E8400 -not O/C
    MOBO: Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3 rev: 2101
    -updated to latest BIOS
    RAM: G-SKILL F2-6400L4D-2GBPK
    GRAPHICS: NVidia G-Force 9500GT drivers:

    I noticed when I first completed install, the process automatically installed chipset drivers. Could this have failed? Is there any way to prevent OS install from completing this task, so I can manually install the latest manufacturers ones?

    Am at a loss as where to go from here. I am thinking of installing SSD but want to sort issue before attempting full reinstall in case issue recurs. Are there any custom install options available when reinstalling?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Default Re: Windows 7 Power Option Issues -Hardware or OS?

    Install the latest chipset drivers now, if you havent yet. I usually install them, after I install Windows. Whether Windows installed them or not

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    Default Re: Windows 7 Power Option Issues -Hardware or OS?

    OK. I updated the chipset drivers to latest. Issue still present.

    Any other ideas? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Windows 7 Power Option Issues -Hardware or OS?

    See if this helps:

    •Open Control Panel.
    •Select the All Control Panel Items option.
    •Select Power Options.
    •Click Change plan settings in the selected plan.
    •Click Change Advanced Power Settings.
    •Click the + sign next to Sleep.
    •Click the + sign next to Allow Wake Timers.
    •Select the Disable option.
    •Click Apply / OK.

    In simple terms its not coming out of sleep mode.

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