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Thread: What is Wifi?

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    Default What is Wifi?

    What is Wifi and how do I use it?
    My cell phone keeps telling me I am not connected to it. It searches for it and only finds Orcon. I click on it and am asked for a password. Where do I get a password? I suppose I could ring Orcon, but I guess they would want more money.
    Then if I get a password what do I do?
    This is getting too confusing for me.
    Jack GOF.

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    Default Re: What is Wifi?

    Read beetle's post. If its Orcon genius, the password is the serial on the back
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    Default Re: What is Wifi?

    Have a read of this, it deals with your question well I feel.

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    Default Re: What is Wifi?

    Is "Orcon" the name of your broadband router ??

    If so, the password is set in the router and unless you have set one, it will be the default.

    What is the model of router?

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    Default Re: What is Wifi?

    Wifi is wireless internet. Your modem must have wireless capability for it to be broadcasting its presence to your phone. You can use the wireless at home with your phone if you wish to surf the internet. It also means you can download updates for your phone without having to pay for the usual 3G internet access, as you will be using your home internet connection. It does not make any difference to the phones ability to make or receive texts and calls.

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    Default Re: What is Wifi?

    And if you aren't/don't want to use wifi on your phone, it would pay to go into the phones settings and turn it off (it consumes battery capacity like nothing else!)
    If that is difficult, take it to your phone supplier and get them to show you how.
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