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    Default Data recovery from compressed HDD

    I have a HDD that has been compressed and I need to get the data off it. The HDD has Win 98 os on it and im trying to access it with another PC which is running Win XP. All I can see is four files which are the compressed files but i can't open them or read them... any help would be appreciated.

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    You should be able to access it from a DOS boot disk, as windows includes drvspace.bin and dblspace.bin.

    But if your winXP partiton uses NTFS then you won't be able to write to it.

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    Default Re: Data recovery from compressed HDD

    If there is more than you can transfer with floppies/ZIP/other removables and that DOS technique, your best bet it to use the W98 disk as the boot disk on one machine, and network it to the destination computer. You could use DCC and a serial, or parallel cable,proper networking on ethernet.

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