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    Default Windows 8 Charms and Start Screen gone

    Hey Guys

    So I just upgraded a laptop form Windows 8 CP to Windows 8 Full and I installed the video driver and suddenly the charms spazz out and won't load unless I press windows+c, and even then it just flashes and I can't do anything, and also my start screen loads, the icons and everything load, and then suddenly it flashes and I'm just left with the start screen back ground, so I can't use apps or anything.

    I've loaded Pokki for now as my start menu but need to know how to fix the problem. I uninstalled the driver and it still doesn't fix. System restore is the same.

    Any recommendations guys?


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    Default Re: Windows 8 Charms and Start Screen gone

    Only a suggestion: Save all your data, Wipe the drive and reload Windows 8 in from Fresh.

    According to MS the CP is not able to upgrade to RTM, there are some "workarounds" But it looks like there may have been a problem when you did it. ( faulty Graphics, Charms Icons disappear, Restore not working) what else could be broken ?

    As long as you burnt a DVD when you downloaded it, you can install from fresh, all you need is the DVD and Product key. Sometimes when doing a fresh install with the Upgrade DVD the start screen wont show, and it wont activate - but one reg change and rearming fixes that.
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