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Thread: Rain

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    Default Rain

    Last nights rain here has filled my wee tank 3/4s.
    Must have been reasonable, the garden is already looking happier....

    Going to have to re-do the drain though, otherwise I'll have a river in there again, I had to pull it out to get the tank in.

    Happy gardens! And pools Johcar....
    wipe your paws.

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    Default Re: Rain

    Hoping it rains here later today we need it too

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    Default Re: Rain

    Still didn't stop it from being 20 degs + over night though stinkin hot!
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    Default Re: Rain

    Yep - the pool has recovered somewhat. Just yesterday I was considering running the hose into it to top it up - if this keeps up today and tomorrow, I won't need to. But the heat isn't doing anything for keeping the water clear. Chlorine top up tonight...

    This is the kind of summer I remember from when I was a kid (not the goat variety!)!!!

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    Default Re: Rain

    Yeah, I have been enjoying the sun, it hasn't been too dry, as in major drought material. Sure water has been short for the ag sector but not devastatingly so. It's just been a brilliant hot spell. Sadly I have been inside for a bit of it, working. Raging mad since I'd love to be outside doing something, from greasing up under some mechanical mayhem to digging dirt and (finally) fixing the spring water supply.

    All I have really done is stare at a screen and do design for people and just about took off my finger on a flywheel
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    Default Re: Rain

    It started to rain just after 10am here in Upper Hutt. I can see weeds growing already

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    Default Re: Rain

    When I was a kid and we had metered water and a swimming pool Dad put a join in the nearest downpipe to the pool and didn't glue it up.
    When it rained he would pull the join apart and attach an elbow and a length of pipe running to the pool. Cheap, crude, and very effective. A good rainstorm would fill the pool in record time.
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    Default Re: Rain

    It's been a good summer.

    What do you think of my tomatoes?
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    Default Re: Rain

    Been raining a bit in Wellington central. Not sure it's a good or a bad thing the number of people in the office who never thought to bring a jacket

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    Default Re: Rain

    My Nexus 7 weather widget says "A Shower" as its prediction for the day. Looks about right thus far... One brief shower passed over a couple of hours ago, and since then, nix. TVOne was predicting a proper dousing. At least the temp has dropped to bearable.

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