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    Default Hard Drive Failure

    My motherboard recently died, and I think it took my Maxtor HD out with it. I have received a replacement motheboard, but the Maxtor is still stuffed. The BIOS detects the hard drive correctly, but my OS (XP Pro)does not.


    Powermax (a Maxtor Utility) seems to think it is stuffed also - but it is under warranty. The main thing is that my drive has my almost complete Master's thesis plus years of my work/emails/MP3's/LIFE on it.


    Before you ask, all this WAS backed up on two other computers, but that was deleted when I rearranged the partitions while upgrading their respective OS's....

    *Attempts at data recovery*

    I have tried getdataback and r-studio demos, but as the HD is not detected in OS, these are of no use. I am in serious shtook if I have lost everything.....

    I think the one good thing is that BIOS detects the HD, which would suggest to me it is *just* a major FAT/NTFS (cant remember which file system I used) problem.

    Ideas? Suggestions? PLEASE?!

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    Default Re: Hard Drive Failure

    You could try taking it to Computer Forensics - they specialise in this sort of data recovery. Their website is at

    They do recommend attempting more recovery tools though as this can hamper their ability to recover the data.

    We've used them once to recover data from a stuffed disk and managed - if I remember rightly - to recover the lot.

    Worth a try in a desperate situation

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    Default Re: Hard Drive Failure

    Thanks guys...

    The obvious question is, what sorta money are we looking at here (I know it depends on the extent of damage etc), but ballpark figure - 15Gb drive, two partitions with about 7Gb of info on it?

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    Default Re: Hard Drive Failure

    My brothers business computer did the same thing yours has done a couple of weeks ago. He also needed the info. it held. His hard drive was also under warranty. So he sent the harddrive off to Seagate NZ to verify that they would cover the warranty they inspected it and replied promptly that they would, so far so good.

    But when he asked for the hard drive back so he could send it to computer forensics to recover the data they said if he sent it to them the warranty would not be honoured as the hard drive had to be sent back to the states untampered with, and no amount of arguing would change their minds. Because he needed the data he had to forgo the warranty and shell out for a new drive himself (not a seagate, and neither was the new one I just added to my machine even though I already have one in mine and I was wanting to get another seagate just to keep everything the same)

    Anyway, he sent the drive to computer forensics and they recovered 100% of his data, I think the bill was $400.00

    Good onya Seagate NOT!!!

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