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    Default Restore "Old Firefox Data"

    How do I restore 'Old Firefox Data' to the current version of FF 17.0.1

    I had a Funmoodsearch engine install itself (not too sure how it got in) and tried all sorts of things to get rid on it(even doing an unistall with Revo uninstaller of a program called Funmood) but was still in there.

    In the end and in desperation I went to "Help" "Troubleshooting Information" and "Reset Firefox" and that got ride of EVERYTHING !! I mean everything. All bookmarks, saved passwords, cookies, everything.

    Doing a system restore from a date about a week before this !@#$%Funmoodsearch thing turned up didn't do a lot of good. But somehow a Shortcut has been established to "Old Firefox Data" There are some 41 items listed in there all with names that give me a vague hint of what they might be. But they wont open.

    Is it possible to restore selected files from the 'Old FF Data" and if so how would I go about it

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    Default Re: Restore "Old Firefox Data"

    Click on the down arrow in the search bar and choose manage search engines and remove it.
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