Hi I am BRAND NEW to your forum. I need to find out how I can retrieve my wireless network password so I can change it. I have a netgear wireless router .lt is hooked into my Cyberpower computer. I used to have another computer as well which was why I needed the wireless network. I no longer have that computer and was not smart enough to get the wireless card out of it. We have 2 gaming systems that use the wireless connection. A Wii and a PS3. So I know that it is using the connection. I just want to change my password and username on it. No one has ever come over to use it before so I totally spaced out what it is. I tried the standard 1234 or Admin I've tried admin and it says NO NO NO (really says 404 error) . So is there a way to find out what it is? I tried downloading the wireless key view program but it came up blank it gave me nothing. This time I promise to write down the password if I can even find the original. Or since I don't have the original card does that mean I need to purchase one and a new router? I have one desktop PC and one Laptop and a Wii system and a PS3 system.

Thanks so much