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    What's with all these Win7 Update failures lately? I've looked at 3 in the last week. First one had 1 specific update fail, 2nd hadn't been updating since October, changing to Google's DNS fixed that one, and the 3rd looks like a nightmare
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    Usually if something like a service is missing /or not running , malware may have removed it. Rootkits can also remove / delete services. When I went back to MS answers, the users there were full of rootkits. Within 3-4 days (while I was there) there must have been like 10-15 people who were getting FFFFFFFE and F errors trying to update windows. These errors are a sign of a rootkit infection. After running tdsskiller, they were able to update windows.

    If thats happening to you Renegdae get that farbar service scanner. That'll tell you if any services are missing. And if there are services missing, thats the reason for the error/s

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    Their PC has a lot of browser toolbars, like Babylon and other crap so they're probably nicely infected. Will pass the info on, they might go for a system recovery if it's gonna take too long to fix.

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    windows updates OFF and Microsoft Security Essentials and i never have a problem

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