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    Default Broken Toshiba Laptop LCD :(

    So the screen on my Tosiba P750 is absolutely munted. The glass appears to be fine but the damage is in the actual LCD panel behind. Is this worth replacing myself/with a mate? I've looked and it seems I can get the LCD panel for $170 which seems better than the $500 insurance excess! I've replaced parts in my laptop before but only really HDD, Ram and the optical drive although I'm quite handy in terms of repairs electronics (iPods, iPhones, PSPs etc) so I think with a guide/video and a few hours I'm sure I'd be able to manage the repair or is it really difficult?

    Another quick question, would it be possible to upgrade to a 1920x1080 screen rather than just get the replacement 1366x768?

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    Default Re: Broken Toshiba Laptop LCD :(

    You should (I say this cautiously) be able to get a panel of any resolution as long as the connections/power requirements are the same. Don't take that as true though. I have replaced a Sony Vaio screen which we upgraded to 1080 but since the customer wanted it, we ordered through Sony's spares department who gave us a list of compatible displays. As long as the connections for the panel fit I'd say yes, although laptops are very proprietary in ways with some having inverters (for CCFL backlights) on the mobo, in the screen bezel or built into the panel so it's a matter of research.

    As far as the repair goes, it will be a full strip down of the machine. A good time to clean the fan. Once you take the whole thing apart the screen bezel usually unclips/screws and you simply lift the panel out and replace it. Not a technically hard job, just lots of screws and fiddly bits, kinda like getting into an iPad.... a bloomin pain! (One thing I must say about the iPhone 3G/S is they are a dream to repair. Good design points there)

    Best of luck.
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    Default Re: Broken Toshiba Laptop LCD :(

    Ring around some (chinese) laptop repair shops. You might be able to get the whole job done for under $200 on 15" laptops.
    Else look on youtube, plenty of repair vids there.

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    Default Re: Broken Toshiba Laptop LCD :(

    Have a look at do a search for your model, Tosiba P750 theres actually 6 results, so you have to select the right model, Scroll down slightly - the Videos show you how to remove the LCD panel and put in a replacement.

    the site is really good, theres been several times I've had to go and search for certain models as some can be WTF if you dont know - this site covers many models/makes.
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    Default Re: Broken Toshiba Laptop LCD :(

    I've been given a Toshiba M300 that's had its screen replaced professionally - the webcam doesn't go. (Which doesn't bother me except that it keeps telling me...)

    [on the plus side, Vista is a lot better than what I had been led to believe]
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