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    Quote Originally Posted by Winston001 View Post
    Yes it is easy for us to express outrage here or in the public opinion column of our local newspapers. Lots of decent people do that.

    Regrettably frothing at the mouth achieves nothing. Probably prison isn't much more effective either.

    I started a discussion on another forum a while ago, essentially in support of CYPS, and the distressing situations their social workers have to deal with.

    You know what happened? Most posters sneered and dissed CYPS.

    My conclusion (which distresses me) is the sad children will never be protected from their primitive families when the general population pretends social workers are bad people.
    CYPS have made some very bad decisions so it is no wonder some sneered and dissed them.
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    Default Re: Long may he rot in hell!!

    As long as a diploma'd, incompetent, well-meaning dolt is accepted as a qualified professional person, there will be those who judge the profession by it's more conspicuous practitioners, rightly or wrongly.

    The failures are so horrible that this judgement seems to be inevitable, just as avoiding responsibility seems to be. Sue Bradford will fix it.
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