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    Default Re: Opinions wanted: Engineering - UoA vs AUT

    Quote Originally Posted by WalOne View Post
    While this is not indicative of all students at AUT, surely UoA must be of a superior standard.
    Having spent six years teaching at tertiary level before and while I went into journalism, at three different universities, I can assure you that unprepared students are everywhere.

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    Default Re: Opinions wanted: Engineering - UoA vs AUT

    Hmm, interesting stuff guys. I mainly conceive it as a prejudice kind of thing but I do agree that the teaching styles are slightly different.
    The atmosphere is different too...

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    Default Re: Opinions wanted: Engineering - UoA vs AUT

    I graduated with a Auckland University Engineering degree in 2011, so I feel I am 50% qualified to answer this question.

    The Engineering program at The University of Auckland is an extremely challenging and rewarding program. The admission standards are very high and as a consequence you will meet many intelligent and well rounded students. The lecturers are generally very good and you will undertake a good mixture of theoretical and practical work during your time there. Out of all the students in my graduating class (I did Electrical and Electronic Engineering), I would say that upwards of 60% of them had graduate jobs within 3 months of graduating. Given the present economic climate in New Zealand, I think this is very good. I suspect that the statistic for Mechanical Engineering would be similar if not slightly better - I think there are slightly more opportunities for graduate mechanical engineers in New Zealand compared to Electrical Engineers.

    Below I will detail my knowledge of AUT, it is not extensive. I have never researched the AUT Engineering program, however I do have a bit of experience tutoring AUT Engineering students.

    - I would say that the AU Engineering program would have a much higher theoretical focus compared to AUT. And by theoretical I mean mathematical. In this sense, I would say that AU prepares you with a 'traditional engineering education', one that provides you with a rigorous mathematical and analytical background but also gives you opportunities to apply this in a practical setting. My experience with students from AUT is that the emphasis at AUT is much more practical. This is by no means a negative aspect, but you need to decide which approach works better for you and what you want from your career.

    As an example of the distinction consider this. All AU engineering graduates are required to undertake a workshop training course before they graduate. This course aims to provide students with basic skills of workshop practice - including welding, basic woodwork etc. This course is undertaken at AUT. AU does not have the workshop resources or the capable teaching staff to undertake such a course. However, AUT has these resources, and indeed their graduates do graduate being much better prepared in these areas.

    In the end however, from a employer pov, I don't think it will matter much providing you can demonstrate you are a hard working and motivated individual. Both degree programs have IPENZ accreditation ( which is argubly the most important aspect for an employer.
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    Default Re: Opinions wanted: Engineering - UoA vs AUT

    Quote Originally Posted by pctek View Post
    Established as a university
    That is as may be, but its roots are shallow and as others have said, it lacks the depth and cachet of UoA. Perhaps I should have said people 'think of it' as coming from the polytech system and as AIT tried and failed, it doesn't say too much for the roots of AUT. I reckon it was a coat-tail job on reputations of MIT and RMIT. It offers a wide range of degree courses but has a much smaller faculty and UoA dwarfs its facilities. It is in the 'we try harder' marketing bracket and in time it will build a reputation, but it hasn't happened yet.


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    Default Re: Opinions wanted: Engineering - UoA vs AUT

    From what I've heard, AUT has gone downhill. Isn't UoA now one of the harder universities to get into?

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