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    Default Re: Playtech selling open box items as new?

    Quote Originally Posted by pctek View Post
    Bit of an overreaction isn't it?
    Was it faulty?
    Was it used - was it dusty etc?

    Did you wait until they emailed?

    Why assume there would be a warranty battle?
    Computers are like Air Conditioners, they stop working when you open Windows.

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    Default Re: Playtech selling open box items as new?

    It could have initially been a warranty return from another customer , or a repaired/remanufactured card. It happens.
    It all depends on just how dishonest the company/salesperson is.
    Im not implying in any way that something dodgy was going on in this case, but it can happen. Why take the risk if its an expensive item ??
    Or if its demo, it which case it SHOULD have been discounted, at least an 'open box' discount.

    If its just a cheapy then its not worth the hassle of getting it swapped out/refunded.

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