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    Question Is my hard drive dead?

    Hey guys,

    This is an old drive, about 6 years old, that I'd been having issues with for a while now (60% fragmentation, could defragment it at all and constant freezes/shutdowns).

    I switched to and a Samsung 830 ssd for the os today. After a recent rebooted I can't see the drive anymore on My Computer or in disk management. However, the drive does appear in the BIOS list.

    There aren't any critical files on the drive but I'd like to try salvage what I can, is there any way I can get it back up and running for a while, or to confirm that it's totally dead?


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    Default Re: Is my hard drive dead?

    First thing is to try and recover any data you may want.

    You can try using Easeus - Data recovery - install it on the working PC / Drive, then see if the software can detect the damaged drive.

    The drive may have lost / Damaged its partition Table (MBR), which is one cause for it not showing in Windows.

    If the software can see the drive, then the Free version ( linked) will be able to recover 1GB in total, any more and you'll need to buy the full version if the data is important.

    Hard Drives can and do fail no matter how old they are.
    One thing positive about Windows 10 is that there is never a dull moment anymore on ye olde computer

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    Default Re: Is my hard drive dead?

    What OS are you using, not Win 8?

    I had the similar problem with Win 8. BIOS setup shows the but Win 8 couldn't show.

    Go to BIOS again, save and exit, let it load Win 8. Did that a couple of times and the drive just show up.

    Win 8 is just weird.

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