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Thread: Speed Test

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    Default Re: Speed Test

    At work... lol Sorry Jen, D+ ... wait this isn't a Math/English test
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    Default Re: Speed Test

    Usually from home on orcon I'll get A+ MOS 15-16mbps down and 1 up with a 31-40ms ping time to Auckl or welly.

    Real life I can attain a stable 1MB/s (Byte not bits ) peaking at 1.5 downstream latencies are good worldwide. Can't wait for fibre, 5MB/s down 3MB/s up and hopefully <150ms global ping
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    At 9 AM

    Perhaps Speedtest's scoring system is not making the grade? (Like the PF1 clock.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcuser42 View Post
    Odd, I got C+ with a much higher ping and slower download speed
    I believe it's coz of her upload speed.
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    Default Re: Speed Test

    Read it and weep!!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thats pretty good for ADSL1 Johcar
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    Quote Originally Posted by nedkelly View Post
    I did not think of that.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Error Guy View Post
    Loving the quote! "I... Did not think of that"

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    Default Re: Speed Test

    Click image for larger version. 

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