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    Default Media Player Recommendations

    Hi everyone, not sure if this is really the right forum to be posting this but it's sort of PC related so I'll do it anyway

    I am slowly looking around for a media player, not in any hurry so I don't want to rush into buying one straightaway, would rather do as much research as possible first.

    What I would like in a media player is:

    1) Internal hard drive eg like WD Live TV Hub (or at least the option to install one eg Popcorn Hour C-200 or C-300)

    2) Must fit in well amongst my home theatre/stereo system components (Popcorn Hour C-200/300 is perfect for this) as opposed to ugly ones like Boxee box or the Seagate media player.

    3) Must have good software for playing lossless music (this will be my main use for it), must have all the functions you would see in good media software, like shuffle, repeat, being able to make playlists on the go like windows media player does (I don't like with some media/mp3 players that you can only play/shuffle only 1 album at a time).

    4) Would really prefer that it has Coaxial Digital output. (Can have optical as well, HDMI etc would be a bonus for the few times I might use it for movies), but yes coaxial digital is preferable.

    5) I'm sure someone will say why don't you just use Windows Media Player on your PC? I suppose I should mention that I want a standalone player, something I can just switch on without having to boot up the computer everytime I want to listen to music.

    The WD Live TV Hub looks ok but it doesn't have coaxial output, does anyone know what they are like for playing music? I've found out you can get an Android app for it that you can use to control it, which makes it ideal for me, does anyone know how well this works with the TV off? What other media players can be controlled by an Android phone?

    Popcorn Hour C-200 or C-300 would be perfect as they would fit in well with my setup and they have both coaxial and optical output. But I have read on their forums that people aren't happy with them for playing music, it seems to miss the first couple of seconds of each track, due to buffering or something, i'm not sure, but that's enough to be a PITA. Wouldn't be so bad for movies if it missed the first few seconds of audio, but it's not favourable at all for music. Everyone said they were great for movies, hopeless for music.

    AC Ryan were looking ok until every review I found on them said they were rubbish, and after sales support was non-existent (eg no firmware updates etc).

    The only other one that interests me is the LaCie LaCinema PlayHD (not to be confused with LaCie Classic which unfortunately doesn't have coaxial output). But I haven't found any info on how good the music player is on them, and what little info I can find is usually in French. Does anyone here have one of these?

    Thanks for your input

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    Default Re: Media Player Recommendations

    Amazon has hundreds of media players and user reviews for media players. You may find what you like on their site.
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    Default Re: Media Player Recommendations

    You could just plug your android phone in and use that :P

    I've never found a player that I liked the Music functions on much, selecting all and playing random made my WDTV go away and think for several minutes.
    Creating playlists while possible is tedious.

    Does your TV have a digital out? There are small Android devices that plug into a HDMI port and turn your TV into a giant android tablet and they are quite cheap, fairly tempted to try one myself. If there's an android app that does what you want maybe that's an option. Haven't tried one myself though.
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    Default Re: Media Player Recommendations

    Hi Sam

    The best and easiest method is to simply plug your android phone into your system as suggested. Here's how:

    1. Goto AUDIOGALAXY.

    2. Sign up to a free account.

    3. Follow their instuctions. This basically involves two downloads. One for your computer and one to your smart phone.

    4. Up and running in minutes. Sit back, relax, enjoy your music being streamed direct to your system via the mobile. It really is that simple!! It's a bargain and the price is right - FREE!!

    Audiogalaxy has everything you could want in a Media Player - like shuffle, repeat, playlists etc. You do need to have your computer on and connected to the net.

    My audio system is in use every day and it works extremely well - works for me.

    If you want to stream video as well, then you need KOORAROO MEDIA. Funny name - Aussie, no idea!! This is not free but there is a free download for you to try if you are interested. Kooraroo does audio as well but I still prefer Audiogalaxy.

    Hope this helps you Sam, cost yah nothing to try.


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