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    Default After a reformat

    After refomatting a hard drive are all the driver updates for various hardware on my system(including the BIOS and Chipset drivers)that were downloaded before, need to be reinstalled?

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    if u have formated and reinstalled windows you will need to reinstall all software including all drivers and UPDATES. u do not need to worry about bios, formating doesn't change the bios

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    OK thanks. What i want to do next is partition my HDD. I want to have the windows OS seperate from everything else.
    Is this possible and wise? if so how should i go about it. I have not refomatted yet!

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    Unless you are relatively computer savvy, I would not advise installing your OS seperate to your applications.

    When you install a program, it needs to make a home for itself in the Registry, which lets Windows know where it is, and how the program wants to be treated, when you install windows on a seperate partition, and reformat the windows partition, you delete this registry information.

    After reinstalling windows, the registry will contain no entries for anything installed before the reformat, on any drive. You therefor would have to either rebuild the registry entries, not a task I recommend for beginners, or reinstall the applications.

    If you are reinstalling the applications, then you lose any benefit you might have from seperate partitions.

    I would suggest a partition for windows and applications, and a seperate partition for files like documents, mp3's, music, data files as opposed to program files.

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    Regarding my earlier posting..... The Packard Bell has all the original OS software, as well as MS Word etc, on a 2GB partition, and the other partition is the one I work on - is a copy of the original Windows. So when I reformat, I am only wiping the copy ( and I reinstall again from the original ) I think it is a simple idea, and it might be something to consider

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