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    We are a small business with 3 staff (two laptops and a desktop PC) and at present we have a network in the office with about 4GB of documents that we all need access to (essentially all Office suite files and pdf's). I wan't to shift this to an online syncing program so we can all access as before but now the two laptops can access from anywhere. I am not worried about having good browser access as I don't think we will use it but all the computers need the files on their own hard drive so they can access when internet service isn't available and then sync later when they do.

    So my first attempt was Skydrive. Unfortunately the desktop is still running XP so this wasn't an option.

    So now I have tried Google Drive. My idea was to download the google drive software to the three computers and then log-in using the same credentials on the three computers so therefore we should always have exactly the same documents available in our Google Drive folders at any one time. Is this correct or should I be creating 3 seperate Google Drive accounts and trying to share or link them?

    So far after 2 days I have only put 1.5 GB online and the computers have not stopped syncing and this has drastically cut internet speeds. Also, the two laptops seem to be sync'd with exactly what is showing online but the desktop is only showing the files that I added to Google Drive on that computer and not any files that I added from the laptops.

    This isn't really living up to my expectations. Are my expectations wrong, or am I doing something wrong or is there a better option?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Dropbox? But you may need to buy more space if you go over 2GB i think. Also you can work offline and once connected it will resync all the changes that you made.
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    +1 for dropbox. I have used justcloud, skydrive, google drive, sugarsync, and dropbox is by far the best.

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    A friend of mine runs a business with quite a few staff and he swears by Dropbox. He also uses it for sharing results from a recreational club of which he is a member. I have set it up with members of our family, largely for sharing photos of grandchildren. Dead simple to use. I also use it as a way of getting files from my PC to my Nexus 7 (there are apps for Android and iOS) - it saves getting out the USB cable, which is normally plugged into the charger. Whatever changes are made to files in Dropbox by one shared user are automatically synchronised with the files on other computers as they log on.

    I should have said that two of the three PCs using Dropbox are using WinXP SP3.
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    Adding to all posts about dropbox including mine - my dropbox runs between a win xp sp3 pc, a win7 home premium pc, two androids, and an ipod. I have never had any problems whatsoever with it. Great service.

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    Thanks guys. Dropbox is good but am going to try to avoid buying extra space for the timebeing... Google drive seems to have finally sorted itself out so maybe I was being impatient.

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