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    Default Hard-drive/CPU Hyper-activity

    This is driving me nuts!
    When there has been no mouse or keyboard activity for about 1 minute, my hard drive starts chugging continuously. This can go on for half an hour or more. Running System Monitor shows that processor usage hits 100%at the same time! If nothing else, this must be prematurely wearing out my drive but I have a feeling that this is also interfering with the CD writing process as well, as I continually suffer from a buffer-underrun problem (but that?s another problem altogether).
    Can you help me find what is causing this?

    My system is as follows:

    PC Chips m/board model M741LMRT (integrated 8 Mb AGP graphics, sound, modem, LAN)
    Slot 1 PIII 550 CPU
    3 x 128Mb SD133 RAM
    Seagate 20 Gb 5400rpm HD
    Acer 8x4x32 CDRW
    IDE Zip 100 drive
    Panasonic 52x CD ROM reader

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    Default Re: Hard-drive/CPU Hyper-activity

    Do you have Nortom Systemworks or Norton Utilities?
    It sounds like Speed Disk is set to defrag your computer after 1 minutes idle.

    I would look for this, or other processes set to occur after a certain idle time and switch them off.

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    Default Re: Hard-drive/CPU Hyper-activity

    ...other culprits may be Mcafee Screenscan or MS Indexing service....

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    Default Re: Hard-drive/CPU Hyper-activity

    Thanx, I don't have Norton or MacAffee. MSconfig tells me this lot starts at startup:

    CTFMON.exe ?;Taskmon.exe (Windows;PCCIOMON.EXE (Trend PCCillin AV)this seems to load twice;pop3trap.exe(Trend);WebTrap.exe(Trend);
    Hpppta(HP Scanner monitor);
    Iomega Startup options and drive icons;Adaptec Createcd;
    Loadpowerprofile(Windows) (this also seems to load twice);MOSearch ?;MDM7 ?;
    Adobe Gamma Loader.exe;

    The ? indicates I have no idea what this is. There was a thing called ptsnoop.exe, but I killed it as it looked suspicious


    TaskManager shows the follwing running:


    Does anyone know anything about these?

    I don't have any automated tasks under Windows and all power management is off.

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