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    Default Re: Jellybean on the Galaxy S

    I was a tad confused by all the acronyms whizzing about, so thrashed Google a bit. Now I am not confused so much as defeated at the starting post. These smart phones apparently need smart users to get upgraded - that's me out.
    No worry for the phone, but it has a very underpowered and out-of-date operator - so sadly it will have an out-of-date operating system to match.
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    Default Re: Jellybean on the Galaxy S

    Nah surprisingly the CPU / GPU does absolutely fine on Jellybean. Runs it quite well indeed. It's a shame to see that Samsung have stopped updating them, but I guess they're focusing more on pushing the Galaxy S3, as the Galaxy S is getting a little old in the tooth now.... Still a decent phone though when running Jellybean!
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    Default Re: Jellybean on the Galaxy S

    Quote Originally Posted by The Error Guy View Post
    Running JB (Westcrip RR ROM, also avaliable for S3) on my S2 atm. Runs a treat. ICS was nice on it too. The Aurora installer is a nice touch (excuse the pun :P) it's a touch based GUI installer that works really nice. Good for novice ROM flashers. They should get a standalone version that replaces CWM just for ease of ROM installs. Also RR has ROM updater that notifies of a new ROM, good for keeping up to date but it wont go away if you know about hte update but dont wanna install. Keeps making notifications.
    Running an ICS version of that Rom at the moment on mine.

    Looks like quite a few known issues including Project Butter not working? Any of the other issues cause you any major issues?

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