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    Default wireless range extender - no internet

    Hi, I purchased a TP Link wireless range extender so my daughter could have internet in her sleepout which is attached to a separate garage. The range extender works purfectly as you can connect with a full signal strength. However, after connecting windows says that there is no internet connection despite a solid wireless connection. I've tried using different laptops and tablets. And all can connect with great reception, but no internet access. The wireless modem I use inside is a Telecom Thompson model. I'd appreciate any help or solutions to try.


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    Default Re: wireless range extender - no internet

    Can you advise the configuration you have made (IP addresses etc) in the TP and what IP address / gateway address are you being allocated in the client computer?
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    Default Re: wireless range extender - no internet

    It sounds as though you are being denied access to the wireless extender. Did you press the QSS button before trying to connect?
    Have you got the right password for the extender? It is probably different from the wireless password on your modem.
    And can you check the set-up of your wireless modem to see whether the extender has the right to access it? (Maybe the other password needed there.)
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