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    Default Re: Graduate starting salaires.

    Quote Originally Posted by hummus View Post
    how much should this salary be increased after 2 or 3 years?
    If you want quicker pay rise. Get a another job while you are working at a higher level like intermediate.

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    Default Re: Graduate starting salaires.

    Relevant to my interests. Starting project now, assuming I come out of it alive with a piece of paper saying 'pass' on it, I hope to get a job as sys admin or technician or something. I enjoyed going round doing all the menial tasks for the sub sys admin at rutherford (the guy who wasn't the douchebag dickhead), like rebuilding workstations, plugging in stuff and lecturing people on how to do what.

    I know the enjoyment will go pretty quick but then I'd find other things to amuse myself. Unlike rutherford's admin who selectively disabled staff emails for those who irritated him on a given day, until such time as they complained or begged him to fix it.
    He was a real loser, that one.
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    Default Re: Graduate starting salaires.

    Yeah i guess would be good to get feedback from a graduate who has graduated and started working.

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    Default Re: Graduate starting salaires.

    This is IMHO.
    I have been told that maybe I am overqualified for my sort of area that I applied for, haha. Well it's not IT.
    Maybe it is what the type is. If you are trying to get the foot in the door, me thinks IT work, assistant roles, helpdesk and the like, they will attract these low wages and these roles may even ask for IT quals and non IT roles may also ask for them too. Non IT roles might be things like processing, data entry, helpdesk, CSR. There are those that ask for a uni degree ok and they pay $16/hr that's 32k or less than that cos some of them pay for 37.5hr per week.

    If you want more then I think it's about getting in a position when there might only be a few of you guys reporting to a team leader. That might not be that easy thou for grads.

    Between you haven't even said much about the job anyway .. apart from being a Sys Admin. The general rule is that IMO, even for a student fresher it could be 30k or it could be 45k. And what sort of company (no need to say the exact name), how many of you are there, who do you directly report to etc.... Is this a small family business or is it someone like Unisys or maybe Datacom Head Office?
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