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    Here I go again, not a day goes by these days without me posting something..... Anyway, I brought a new PC in May, and my Nortons live update has expired.... How do I get it back, or if I have to subscribe, would I be better off buying a whole new package (which I am prepared to do). If so, can anyone point me in the right direction as to what to buy..

    Thanks, ALAN

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    Subscribing to LiveUpdate is much cheaper than buying a whole new Norton Antivirus. I believe it costs about $20 or $30 a year, whereas a new package will cost about $140. A much better option IMHO.

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    Well, actually there is a slight flaw in the way Nortons LiveUpdate calculates your remaining days left, in that it only works on an installation date.

    I havent tried simply re-installing it, but certainly every reformat you do with a new install gives you another free year ;-)

    Try uninstalling the product, removing all traces from the registry using some registry sweeper, and then reinstall it.

    If that doesnt work, 6 months old is not too soon to be thinking about a clean install, especially on a Windows machine.

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    To renew Live Update go to and under the heading 'Tools and Downloads' click on 'Virus Definition Subscription' the cost is $US9.95 for a year. You will need a cresit card unless you ring up Symantec NZ and talk to them.
    Alternatively you can download the virus definitions manually yourself. Also you could try installing the trial version of Norton Antivirus 2002 that was on the PC World CD as when I installed that it had a subscription til 20/11/02 so maybe installing this and then installing your full version will lengthen your subscription.


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    with the full version you get a year sub free. if you format or completely remove every trace of it at least once a year you can get free updates for ever more;-)

    if you your are a heavy user it might be better to buy the whole systemworks.

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    further to JM's comments, you can manually download the updates at

    G P

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