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    Default Under African Skies

    Just watched the excellent Under African Skies documentary on Paul Simon returning to South Africa 25 years after releasing Graceland. Documentary covers Simon catching up with the musicians he recorded the album with, and talks about the controversy his visit to South Africa caused at the time, and what people involved thought including those who opposed the album being made. I preferred Johnny Clegg and Savuka to Paul Simon myself but hearing it again makes me realise what a great job he did with that album. Anyway an interesting insight into the different perspectives and some footage from 25 years ago showing what South Africa was like back then.
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    Default Re: Under African Skies

    I really liked that album at the time which was odd as I was into heavy metal back then

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    Default Re: Under African Skies

    It was cool, especially the harmonizing by the African singers. Track was called Homeless I think?

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