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    I have a Cyrix 333 64mg ram 4 GIG HDD with a Sony CRX145E CD-R/RW drive unit 1 year old WIN 95. when a disc is inserted it takes a long time to show all the files and and when installing a program some files cannot be read aborting the instalation. I installed a CD ROM from another PC and this worked perfectly.Does this drive just need the laser cleaned using a cleaning disc or is it a bigger problem. unfortunatly I did not get around to sending the warranty card in when I brought this product.Audio CDs seem to play OK and sometimes there is no problem reading.
    My fingers are crossed. IF

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    Is there any scratches apparent on the CDs? It could be some gunk in the drive tray or the drive proper that is scratching or obscuring, you could give it a good blow job with some compressed air.
    I am not convinced that the CD cleaning kits work, but you might want to give it a go.
    I hate CDRom drives, they always seem to die, and really hate games like Diablo that insist on the CD being there for copyright protection rather than any real need for it. I seem to go through CDRom drives regularly.
    Good luck,


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    Thanks Robo
    The CDs are OK as I used them with the second CD ROM drive and all worked well maybe my read write drive is dying I will give it a clean out and see what happens

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