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    Default Laptop Hard Drive connection

    I have a Fujitsu 320gb hard drive from a HP TX2500AU laptop that I want to access data from, I tried to buy a USB to SATA/IDE connector and/or Dock but the connection is different. Mine has a flat plug with blocks that presses in to the base of the laptop. All the off the shelf adaptors have a plug that requires a male plug on the drive to push into dock/adapter. The plasti blocks in the middle of the two banks of pins plus the screw holes in the drive cover meant the male/female connection wasn't going to work.

    I took the cover off the drive in case it had an adapter on it but I could see anything to remove.

    Can some one please advise what this connection is called and is there an adapter to allow it to be connected to another PC by USB?


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    Default Re: Laptop Hard Drive connection

    The "flat plug with blocks " as you put it is just an adaptor, it will probably pull off the hard drive and you should remain with a standard SATA connector.
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    Default Re: Laptop Hard Drive connection


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    Default Re: Laptop Hard Drive connection

    As Iantech says it is just a push on adapter, pull it off and there will be the standard SATA connector.

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