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    Default Windows update troubles!

    Windows update is CONSTANTLY trying -for 4 or 5 days now- to install a security update -".Net Framework 1.1 Sp1 for Windows XP, Vista and windows Server 2008x86 (KB2656370) on my XP machine.

    20 or more attempts have failed; but it just keeps trying! The thing is I already have the whole thing including (KB2656370) just not the "SP1" part!
    I also have .Net Framework 2, 3, and 3.5 and their updates.

    I find every attempt to deal with MS. fails. so I am asking you. What can I do about this?

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    Default Re: Windows update troubles!

    Had that same issue - had to 'Shut down and install updates' as against manually installing them. Worked for me!

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    Default Re: Windows update troubles!

    Turn off Windows Update - It's a pain in the proverbial.

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