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    Default autorun in W7 not working

    I'm going mad here. I'm trying to make a CD which will open by itself. It used to be easy in XP but no longer. Even discs that were given out with PCWorld don't work. They still do in XP but not in any of our 3 W7 ones.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Or a solution?


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    Default Re: autorun in W7 not working

    Try this.

    Setting Autoplay Defaults in Windows 7

    To set autoplay defaults in Windows7, do the following:
    1.Click the Start button, type auto, and click on Autoplay
    2.When the autoplay screen comes up, select which programs or actions you would like to take for each media type
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    Default Re: autorun in W7 not working

    As Trev says but check top left cnr (Use autoplay for all media) and make sure you save it (bottom R Cnr).

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    Default Re: autorun in W7 not working

    Have a look here it's for Vista originally, but updated to W7.

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