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    I am thinking of taking the next storage step and investing in an internal IDE CD-RW and I have three questions:

    1) What is the fastest combination of R/W/RW and normal CD operation currently available?

    2) Are any major speed improvements likely in the near future?

    3) I hear/read in F1 that these drives seem to have a short life. What is the most reliable brand.

    CD-RW drives don't seem to be review in PC World very often and it would be just my luck to buy just before the next speed increment is released.


    Billy 8-{)

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    1) 40/24/10
    2) No 'major' increase, just the standard cranking up in speed - if they double the write speed from 24 you'd save about a minute.
    3) Pass...

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    Thanks Brent

    Just one more question: Who produces drives with that speed rating?

    Billy 8-{)

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    No major speed increases, however work is underway on new Blue laser CD's, which using a blue laser rather than a red laser can record tracks much closer together on the CD...

    Not sure of the details exactly, but apparently gives storage space even greater than that of a DVD.

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