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    Default New Router Advice. Need Gargoyle Firmware.

    Currently I'm using an Asus WL520GU with Tomato and it's been fine with the QOS side of things.

    I now need a router that can use the Gargoyle firmware so I can do bandwidth quotas as well.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on routers that I should look at? e.g people who have used various hardware.

    I've got my eyes set on the TP-Link TL-WR1043ND.
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    Default Re: New Router Advice. Need Gargoyle Firmware.

    Yeah they're good.
    Tried the WR741ND, just be careful coz the newer versions (v4 IIRC) use a different SoC and aren't compatible. The WR1043ND are good though
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