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    Default Setting up Thomson TG585v8

    So this is the case. I'm currently staying in an apartment.

    I was given by my manager, my own room ip address and a cable. [Dial up connection]

    For the first time setting up, I was told to modify my adapter settings as shown below

    And recently I've bought a thomson TG585v8 wireless modem from trademe because I want to have wireless connection in my room

    But the problem is, the gateway for the modem is and my apartment one is

    So what should I do now ? Help please

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    Default Re: Setting up Thomson TG585v8

    Welcome to PressF1!

    You want to change it to where it says "Obtain IP Address automatically" and same for the DNS settings.

    The TG585v8 default to

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    Default Re: Setting up Thomson TG585v8

    I'm not totally clear what your situation is from your description.

    On the one hand, you appear to have been a direct ethernet connection to a (building-wide?) router. On the other, you put in the words "[Dial up connection]", which contradicts the first part.

    If you're going to use the Thomson router, you'll need to set up your own independent DSL account with an ISP through your phone landline. If you are on a single Ethernet connection, then you've got the wrong router - you'll need a wireless Ethernet router device, with the WAN (Wide Area Network) port connected to the building Ethernet, using the IP information you've been given by the manager. The LAN side can then be set up to something like 192.168.1.x (probably the defaults will do - they're unlikely to be the same as 172.16.x.x), then you can connect multiple devices via WiFi or cable & share the building connection.

    That may be getting ahead of things - can you first confirm your setup?
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    Default Re: Setting up Thomson TG585v8

    set the routers ip address to the first one shown in your picture,ie change the router address from (default as chill said) allow the router to issue your laptop an ip (dhcp enabled) then all should be good
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    Default Re: Setting up Thomson TG585v8

    That Telecom modem/router will give problems without a valid modem connection. I have tried it and the routing got interrupted every few seconds when it was trying to hook up to an ISP.

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    Default Re: Setting up Thomson TG585v8

    You need an "Access point" like this one, rather than a DSL router.

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