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    Default This is what should have happened with the concordia

    This is what should have happened with the concordia, rather than sneaking hi sorry ass into a lifeboat.
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    Default Re: This is what should have happened with the concordia

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    Default Re: This is what should have happened with the concordia

    "They want to know how and why, because they do not understand how this tragedy could have happened in New Zealand, given their perceptions of New Zealand being a modern first-world country," he said
    It didn't happen "in New Zealand" at all. It happened off-shore in a foreign flagged ship, under the control of an off-shore company. The ship was not owned or operated by a New Zealand registered company and the crew were not NZ nationals. They may have been fishing within our economic zone, but they were certainly not under the control of the New Zealand government.

    We didn't have control over the seamanship of the crew either, that was in the hands of the Captain and he isn't answerable to anybody right now.


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