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    Default Domain name purchase

    I have a domain name registered for my now "wound up" company. I've been approached by an individual who wishes to purchase the domain from me.

    What would be considered the going rate for this? I was thinking that if he re-imbursed me for the yearly cost I have paid this would be reasonable?

    Any thoughts?


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    Default Re: Domain name purchase

    Some domains are worth thousands.
    The fact someone is asking you for it and you are not trying to sell it means yours is worth something to someone.
    I would start around $1000 and negotiate from there.
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    Default Re: Domain name purchase

    I would be doing online research. Why does he want it? He might have a market/buyer in mind, or rank it up a bit to resell for a profit. Check out Flippa for comparing selling prices.

    You should also check where your site ranks in Google search results, and the number of results, and type and strength of competion (if any). But also assess the equity/authority of your domain, in terms of domain strength, page strength, page rank, inbound link profile, etc. Compare with similar (or competitor) domains. The best popular free tool is SEOMoz's open site explorer. Or Majestic's site explorer. Probably help if you also had metrics for unique visits, entry queries, daily visits, time on site, referrals, etc, as a selling strategy.
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    Default Re: Domain name purchase

    it all depends on the name....

    three letter names are harder to get as there are less of them , so they cost more.
    cool words are also in demand.

    random bunch of letters is not worth mush at all.

    also is this for a or a .com ??
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    Default Re: Domain name purchase

    Generally if you sold it you'd probably transfer the domain to them, so you'd be negotiating for a one off purchase (technically you're not selling the domain itself, rather the right to the name, as you don't ever truly "own" a domain name).
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