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    Default Will they Never Learn

    Had one of those calls saying I had a virus on my computer etc etc. Told the guy he was talking a load of bullshit. With that he started arguing with me with the pitch of his voice getting higher and higher and when I could get a word in edge wise I told him the next thing he will be asking me for my credit card number. He kept on arguing with his voice still getting higher and with that I hung up.
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    Default Re: Will they Never Learn

    You do have to wonder if the 'drones' being paid to make the calls actually know they're scamming, or if they've been sufficiently brainwashed to believe they are genuinely helping people, and that MS is paying their wages.

    Given that there's probably hundreds of them all together doing it, their 'employers' might have gained more credibility with their staff than they deserve.

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    Default Re: Will they Never Learn

    Maybe report him to their phone provider for phone spamming/scamming.
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    Default Re: Will they Never Learn

    Had a call a week ago. Told him I run Linux.

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    Default Re: Will they Never Learn

    When you pick up the phone there will be a few seconds pause then click, i just hang up when that happens. They are normally just starting to say "hel...." gone
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    Default Re: Will they Never Learn

    I saw an article the other day, it was saying they estimate up to a third of kiwis would have received a call of this nature. That's rather a lot...and it's amazing how many fall for it.

    If people would just stop and think for 10 seconds, they would realize that it's a blatant scam.
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    Got a call about 6 weeks ago sounded Indian and female said I had a virus on my computer and she would show me where abouts. I said how could I have a problem I dont even own a computer. Click.
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    Default Re: Will they Never Learn

    I don't even bother talking anymore, had this call at least 4 times.
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