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    When booting up in red hat linex I get the error message:
    Duplicate blocks found:
    There are 2 inodes containing bad blocks.
    (time and dates info)has 1 block shared with 1 file
    Give root password for maintenance.
    If I type in my password I get
    (repair file system) 1 #
    WHAT THEN ?I am not too familiar with DOS.

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    you need us fsck to repair the file system.

    eg to fix the first partion on the first drive (C: in dos)

    fsck /dev/hda1

    if you enter man fsck you can read the man page for more details.

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    But make sure that /dev/hda1 is the correct partition pertaining to the files in question!

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    The disk to check 'fsck = File System ChecK' will probably be /dev/hda5, /dev/hda6 or maybe /dev/hda7, depending on how your partitioning worked out. You should not fsck /dev/hda1 (your win/dos C: disk) because (1) that's a VFAT or DOS16 or something, and (2) the error did not come from that. You should be able to 'cat /etc/fstab' and see what the partitions are. You will have one ext2 partn loaded as '/boot', and one as '/'. There will be one mounted as swap . You want the one which mounts as '/' because that is where '/home/pettits/.gnome/panel.d/... lives. And yes, do a 'man fsck', there might be an option to enter. Or, 'fsck --help' -- the '--help' works on most commands these days.
    But you won't do any harm if you try 'fsck /dev/hda5' then 'fsck /dev/hda6', etc. The worst you'll get is an error message if a partition does not exist. (You may have to give a path to fsck -- I forget -- it will be in /bin or /sbin or /usr/bin or /usr/sbin ... (isn't using uparrow to recall the command line for editing and reentry nice?))

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    Could you talk me through it?
    I realise now I shut down wrong but:When I put my password in it does not always work.Then when I
    try to use fsck i get a bit frightened by the possible consequences.I think I had it this afternoon and fsck did its thing but then I could not get back to normal so 'turned off'and I see now I went back to where I was.
    I need a secure path of commands to follow and especially an exit at the end to get out.My original problem probably arose from a freez up and I had to shut down cause I knew no better.

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