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    Default Further to "Updating home network", 21/12/11

    duly got another IT technician, on a recommendation, to sort out my home network. Unfortunately, their efforts seem to have been somewhat counter-productive, in that while some problems have been resolved or at least clarified (eg the old LaserJet is stuffed, that's why I couldn't print through it, not because of any network issue), other problems have now reared their heads!

    If I have a TelstraClear broadband connection, and a D-Link wired & wireless router providing my home wireless network, as previously described, do I actually have to have my Tablet PC connected to it via the docking station (ie a wired connection to the router)?

    In fact, does a computer of any sort have to be connected to the router for the wireless network to function? I'm sure that before to the techie's visit I could disconnect the Tablet from the docking station, and still connect with it to the internet, ie it was then connecting wirelessly. I cannot do this now, which is a PITA when I want to use it elsewhere in the house.

    All suggestions gratefully received, especially for a techie who can do home visits in the Wellington area, who actually does know what they are doing.

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    Default Re: Further to "Updating home network", 21/12/11

    Buy an all in one wireless modem / router. If youre using a separate wireless and wired modem. It'll make things a lot easier. No you dont have to have anything connected with ethernet (if this is what you mean), if you want to use wireless.

    All you have to do, is configure whatever wireless device, (inc the wireless router), and secure it

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    Default Re: Further to "Updating home network", 21/12/11

    As long as the wireless is transmitting, and the tablet is wireless capable, by rights all you should have to do is get the tablet to scan for networks, locate and select yours, tell it to connect, enter in what ever the password is and away you go.

    What router ( model) do you actually have, or do you have two devices ( D-Link wired & wireless router ), all in one devices are easier to configure ?

    Also when you say you are with Telstra, do you have Cable or ADSL ? ( Telstra call it broadband for both) If you have cable you DONT need a modem/router, you need only a router, but it has to be a cable router, as the ADSL are different.
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    Default Re: Further to "Updating home network", 21/12/11

    hmmn, all a bit strange.

    Did he not test wifi on the tablet when he was there ??
    did you explain to him that the tablet will now be the main PC ??
    did the tablet loose wifi before during or after the techs visit ??

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    Default Re: Further to "Updating home network", 21/12/11

    I bet he reset the wi-fi password to the default -

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