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    Default can't connect to a workgroup

    I have two Windows 7 computers that belong to the workgroup named "workgroup" and when I click on to the other computer on Network Map it ask for my Nework User name which I put in and the password which I printed out but it doesn't work so what steps did I leave out?

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    Default Re: can't connect to a workgroup

    Does the user name exist as an account on the PC you are trying to access? If you want password protected sharing I believe it has to.
    Myself I'm the only user on my network so I turn password protected sharing off and allow open access to my folders. Also if you are only using windows 7 the new Homegroup feature is a little simpler to get working than traditional workgroup style networking. Not sure what the pros and cons are.

    Networking is not my strongpoint though so don't take my Ideas as gospel.
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