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    Default problem with screen flickering in games

    From yesterday in a game, the screen started flickering at 1 second intervals. When I exit the game it goes back to windows and stops flickering.
    This problem started happening in every other good 3d game too! Now every time I go into a game, it flickers and when exiting, windows 98 works fine. I have reinstalled video card drivers and directx8, and I have also restored my registry and it still doesnt help.

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    Default Re: problem with screen flickering in games

    Do your games run in a different resolution from the one Windows is running at? If so, try switching windows into the same resolution as the games (if you know what they run at - quite often 640x480, even with new games) and see if it flickers... if it does then its probably a refresh rate problem... you'll have to try setting your refresh rate higher (for that resolution - I think Windows saves a different rate for each res.

    Right click the desktop and click properties. Settings Tab > Advanced. Adapter. Then try adjusting the refresh rate (but be careful, cause it IS possible to damage your monitor or video adaptor if you set to an unsupported rate!)

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    Default Re: problem with screen flickering in games

    Sound smore like a problem with the video card and the 3D mode being used. What is used in the games concerned - Direct3D or OpenGL? Is there and option to use either? Half Life and HL-based games, support (I think) both D3D and OpenGL. If you're running games that do provide such support try switching between the two types and see if it makes any difference.

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