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    Default Excel default settings

    Something is bugging me, and I wonder if anyone has a suggestion.
    Every time I open a new Excel worksheet, I have to muck around with things like print preferences (I like to fit most things on one page). When inserted a new page, even though there are ten there already set to fit to one page, I have to repeat the process.
    One option is to create a base worksheet I use as a starting point for new worksheets.

    Has anyone got any better ideas? There aren't templates in Excel, are there?
    Regards, Robo.

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    Default Re: Excel default settings

    Do a search on 'Template' or 'File Startup' in Excel Help and it's all there.

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    Default Re: Excel default settings

    Hmm, yes, thanks Russell. Doh! Should have tried that first. Also just realised I didn't say what version of Excel I am running. Even worse.
    Regards, Robo.

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