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    Default connecting 1 laptop to internet

    hey guys,
    i have a network of 4 laptops connected wirelessly to the net. 3 of them will actually connect but the 4th one connects to the network but not the internet. hovering over the icons is says...currently connected to: unidentified network
    access: local
    i have checked all settings are the same as the others which they r.
    how do i change the name of the network name and get it to access local and internet?
    have uninstalled both network adapters as well hoping that might work
    the computers r not needing to be sharing anything apart from the internet connection

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    Default Re: connecting 1 laptop to internet

    uninstalling the network adapter is likely to make the problem worse because then you will have nothing to connect to the network with!
    You might like to try upgrading the driver, though. Do you know what network hardware you have?

    Your problem however sounds like an IP address problem or such, so it might be useful to find out what your IP address is etc.

    Run command prompt and launch the command "ipconfig" - post here what IP addresses your network adapter has. You can easily copy all the information by right clicking in the command window and choosing "highlight all" then press the enter key. Then you can paste the information here.

    Would probably be useful to compare the results between a working laptop and the one that doesn't connect.
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