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    Default <IMG SRC='/pcworld/pcwpressf1.nsf/logo_pcw.gif!OpenImageResource' WIDTH=219 HEIGHT=72>

    Do you think they're trying to fix the html code in message posts? Just going by that test message posted by James earlier.

    Pic Man

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    Default Re: <IMG SRC='/pcworld/pcwpressf1.nsf/logo_pcw.gif!OpenImageResource' WIDTH=219 HEIGHT=72>

    Yay, now instead of stupid images and other crud, we have long lines of HTML that mess everything up.

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    Default Why it was done

    Unfortunately we had to do this because a couple of people decided that it would be extremely clever to post messages containing HTML with a little piece of Javascript that diverted the browser window to a hacker site or popped up a pornographic image.

    Press F1 is a popular section of the site that is designed to help people solve problems and an active community of people with similar interests who spend time helping each other.

    We wanted to ensure that the people who actually use this site for this purpose weren't exposed to objectional material, or diverted off to another site when they were expecting to see a PressF1 page.

    Unfortunately these 'script kiddies' left us with no choice in the matter. Yes this forum is moderated, but not 24 hours a day, and that's what it would take to eradicate those sorts of nuisance posts.

    So the only option was to disallow posts containing HTML (well it is just rendered now as text).

    Sorry about this.

    Mark Evans
    Business Manager Online
    IDG Communications Ltd

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